CentOS server – Webmin howto

Webmin is a web-based app for system administration for Unix/Linux. With Webmin, you can setup user accounts, web server, mail server  and much more.

In this post, I’ll show how to install Webmin on RedHat based distros.

1. Manual install

Download webmin with

wget http://www.webmin.com/download/rpm/webmin-current.rpm

Install webmin with with

rpm -Uvh webmin*

After installation, start Webmin with “service webmin start”. You can access Webmin via web browser (localhost:10000)

It is good idea to change the default port. To do this, open miniserv.conf (usually /etc/webmin/miniserv.conf) with

nano /etc/webmin/miniserv.conf

and change the default port number from 10000 to something more secure (port=23345 for example). Save the file and restart Webmin (service webmin restart).

2. Configure repositories

curl -o setup-repos.sh https://raw.githubusercontent.com/webmin/webmin/master/setup-repos.sh
sh setup-repos.sh

then install Webmin with

For RedHat based distros:

dnf install webmin

For Debian based

apt-get install webmin --install-recommends

Last edit: 5th Sept. 2023.
Added repo howto

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