Average monthly traffic report (freeRadius)

The average monthly traffic per user in MB.

The stats were collected between Dec. 2007 and the Feb 2012. Average speed per user is 768k (5GHz wireless connection)

4 thoughts on “Average monthly traffic report (freeRadius)

  1. Hello,

    very nice traffic report. With what kind of software did you collect these stats. Are they based on accounting information sent to freeradius?

    Tobias Hachmer

  2. Hi

    I have my own billing system and all stats are based on accounting info sent to freeradius. It is very interesting to see the up and down trends during winter and summer months ­čÖé

  3. So, you developed your own software for that, also for creating those graphs or do you just use your own billing software? Which software is it?

  4. It is custom made PHP&MySQL web application and this image was created with LibreOffice Calc (from xls file which is exported from billing).

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