Nothing provides perl(IPC::Run) needed by…

I wanted to update Postgresql 13 on my Rocky8 test server


dnf update postgresql13

leaded to the next error

Problem 1: cannot install the best update candidate for package postgresql13-devel-13.9-1PGDG.rhel8.x86_64
  - nothing provides perl(IPC::Run) needed by postgresql13-devel-13.10-1PGDG.rhel8.x86_64

The perl-IPC-Run package is not available on the official repos so the solution is to install epel-release and enable powertools repo

dnf install epel-release -y
dnf --enablerepo=powertools install perl-IPC-Run -y

Note: The package name is case sensitive which means “perl-ipc-run” won’t work. 🙁

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