Skype for Linux 8.13 not working

The latest Skype for Linux update (8.13.) seems broken on Ubuntu 14.04/Mint Linux 17.x. The application loads but all I can see is the white window with the menu.

During load, I see the application screen for a second before the center of the application window turns white again. Reinstall process didn’t help

Since official fix doesn’t exist (for now), the only solution is to remove the latest version and install the older one

sudo apt-get remove skypeforlinux
sudo apt-get install skypeforlinux=

optionally you can “lock” Skype so it won’t ask for update (at least until they fix this problem)

sudo apt-mark hold skypeforlinux

3 thoughts on “Skype for Linux 8.13 not working

  1. Thanks!
    Easy nice fix on Ubuntu 14.04 and you taught me a new technique for similar issues in the future.

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