Samsung printer on Linux – rastertosplc – No such file or directory

If you try to install Samsung printer (in my case ML1675) on Ubuntu 14.04 or Mint 17, you’ll may have some problems with missing file – rastertosplc.

If you added printer via web (http://localhost:631/) or via printer wizard, delete installed printer and follow the next instructions

Download drivers from this page:, extract them and install drivers with:

sudo ./

(follow the wizard to complete process)

cd into /usr/lib/cups/filter and check the existence of rastertosplc file.

If this file doesn’t exist add symbolic link to /opt/smfp-common/printer/bin/rastertospl with

sudo ln -s /opt/smfp-common/printer/bin/rastertospl rastertosplc

after you should have something like

bla@bla-178 /usr/lib/cups/filter $ ls -la
lrwxrwxrwx  1 root root     40 Aug 23 13:39 rastertospl -> /opt/smfp-common/printer/bin/rastertospl
lrwxrwxrwx  1 root root     40 Aug 23 13:51 rastertosplc -> /opt/smfp-common/printer/bin/rastertospl

The first file is probably created via install script while the second one is “fix” to “File “/usr/lib/cups/filter/rastertosplc” not available: No such file or directory” problem.

After you did this, add printer via wizard and try to print test page.


14 thoughts on “Samsung printer on Linux – rastertosplc – No such file or directory

  1. Thank you so much, this was extremely helpful to me!!! I used this to install a Samsung m2830 and it worked perfectly. I was having issue with rastertospl. First as a missing file and than when I had copied it manually, I had permissions issues. Changing permissions on the file itself did not fix the problem. THIS worked tho, so thank you again!!

  2. Hopefully , worked after long seraching before, on clp-325 . From belgium

  3. Thanks for the explanation. It workt for me after a long time not be able to print with linux mint.
    Make sure that any old drivers are removed before starting the solution

  4. Thank you very much!!!! I had the problem with rastertosplc file and now my printer work in Ubuntu.

    Regards from Spain

  5. ./noarch/ 57: local: Printer/uld/noarch/.version-printer: bad variable name
    This is what I get when i tried to do this in Ubuntu 15.4 ???

  6. Thank you very much, I have used it with m2070 series and ubuntu 16.04 and it worked perfectly. Very helpful !

  7. After spending a whole day trying to install a samsung printer on SLED 11 I finally found this tutorial. 5 minutes later I could print. THANK YOU!!!

  8. The Samsung driver-link mentioned on this website is not available anymore. My ML1675 worked fine till Linux Mint 17.3. It did not work anymore with Mint 18 and 19. I tried the old Samsung Unified Linux Driver I used on Mint 17 and the last Samsung ULD before Samsung handed the distribution of Samsung drivers over to HP. Unfortunately HP does not provide drivers for the ML1675! What can I do now?

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