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I suppose you have a couple of clients who believes in Teamviewer only. Teamviewer on Linux works fine but after you install it, you’ll be supprised that the proces is always running in the background (it is build to respawn) which is ok if you’re the client who needs help. The first thing which average sys admin will do is to shut down teamviewer.

To stop teamviewer you can use:

teamviewer --daemon stop

You’ll see

initctl stop teamviewerd
teamviewerd stop/waiting

To disable teamviewer on system startup you can use:

teamviewer --daemon disable

More info about the deamon you can find with:

boss init.d # teamviewer --help
 TeamViewer                      8.0.20931 
 teamviewer                      start TeamViewer user interface (if not running) 
 teamviewer --help               print this help screen 
 teamviewer --version            print version information 
 teamviewer --info               print version, status, id 
 teamviewer --passwd [PASSWD]    set a password (useful when installing remote (ssh) 
 teamviewer --ziplog             create a zip containing all teamviewer logs (useful when contacting support) 
 teamviewer --daemon status      show current status of the TeamViewer daemon 
 teamviewer --daemon start       start		TeamViewer daemon 
 teamviewer --daemon stop        stop		TeamViewer daemon 
 teamviewer --daemon restart     stop/start	TeamViewer daemon 
 teamviewer --daemon disable     disable	TeamViewer daemon - don't start daemon on system startup 
 teamviewer --daemon enable      enable		TeamViewer daemon - start daemon on system startup (default)

1 thought on “Teamviewer on Linux

  1. Thanks, very well ! Works fine too with TV10.
    Buts, as I’m on lUbuntu, I must use sudo. And If I run “sudo teamviewer –daemon disable”, I’ve this answer :
    Action: Removing … \\ Well
    initctl stop teamviewerd \\ Well
    initctl: Unknown job: teamviewerd \\ oh oh
    fail \\ ouch
    wine: /home/username/.config/teamviewer10 is not owned by you \\ ho no !

    Of course, If I’m root I can’t update a file that I’m not the owner

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