Switching from Windows to Linux – is it possible ?

Few days ago I had a failure with my computer. The Windows installation on C partition decided to die. It was impossible to recover it and the only solution was to backup my emails, desktop and my documents, then format.

Luckily I had a dual boot with Mint Linux and it was extremely easy to backup my files… Also, like I said a few days ago, I became a father and the whole day was like the days before… Tea is very nice baby and she had a very nice schedule (eat, sleep, dump) and yesterday was the same. While I was in “the father loop” I decided to abandon Windows XP.

The reasons:

  • it is an old OS and Win 7 works much better
  • I’m lazy and I don’t have enough time to reinstall it. I will keep the Win XP license sticker just like a note that I had a Win XP on this notebook.

What exactly do I need from my computer:

  • LAMP (done)
  • Winbox (done via Wine)
  • Netbeans, Eclipse (they work better on Linux)
  • MySQL workbench (it works perfectly on Linux)
  • Putty, Pidgin, Skype, XChat, Firefox, Chrome, Thunderbird, … (done)
  • Photoshop (Gimp can be used for the basic image manipulation. I already gave up from my professorial photography career so I can live without Photoshop)
  • Corel (maybe Inkscape can be a replacement… I’m still not sure…I didn’t use Corel for years and I don’t need it at all.)
  • TrueCrypt (it works fine)

Three days after I switch to Linux, I’m still trying to forget on Windows. For now, I’m doing well.

Don’t worry… I still didn’t forget on FreeRadius howtos. I’m working on the next post about Freeradius and MySQL. Also, I have a few tricks which you should consider in case you want to tune your MySQL and FreeRadius.

Best regards


Ten days later, I’m still struggling. 🙂

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